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5 Ways To Simplify Your Makeup Bag

Written by Southern Muse


Posted on February 14 2020

When you have clutter it clouds the mind, especially when you open a messy makeup bag in the morning. You sit at your vanity and think: how did I end up with all of these products? Does it really take this much and am I building Rome here?! To help with the battle, our resident MUA Matt Gossett put together 5 smart makeup essentials that will help take the guess work out of your morning. 

  • Finding a foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF can help cut down one extra step in your morning routine. Makeup with an SPF might not be the best for pictures, but wearing it to work everyday is ok unless the Paparazzi is following you with flash bulbs. 
  • Put an end to a million eyeshadow palettes by buying individual shadows. They are a life saver in the end and easy to pack for trips. Learning to embrace single shadow will give you some ease. Companies like Bobbi Brown also make great palettes to put your single shadows. This way you don’t end up with unused shadows and save a little money as well.
  • If you could cut out one step in lips, most women would cut out lip liner, but this would be sacrificing the definition that most women want. Finding a great lip crayon is the perfect way to cut out a step without the sacrifice. Companies like NARS and NYX make long wearing lip crayons that are perfect for your makeup bag and after lunch touch ups.

  • Make that bag even lighter when it comes to your hair touch up products. Multi-use hair products are great so you can go from the board room to dinner without your hair falling flat. Products like Dry Bar's Triple Sec 3 in 1 will help put a little life back into your hair: it gives volume, UV protection, and can double as a dry shampoo.
  • Put an end to guessing with an eyeliner that does only one job.  Need it crisp, smudged, or waterline? Urban Decay eyeliners are great for all 3 and will give the effect that you need.