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There are few things that’ll make you feel as feminine as a good skirt. Even an edgy, fitted leather skirt retains its feminine appeal in the way it accentuates your curves as you move. We carry skirts of all lengths, silhouettes, and styles that are perfect for formal and casual occasions alike. We have a large selection of maxi dresses for when you can’t be bothered to put on pants but still need to look cute, lots of above the knee and miniskirts for when you need something a little showier, and versatile midi skirts that can transition from casual to dressy. Whatever the occasion or vibe you’re going for, Southern Muse is here to serve it.

Our brands include Rails, Generation Love Clothing, Tart, Sanctuary Clothing, AS by DF, Sanctuary Clothing, and many more. Take a look at our selection of skirts below or come visit us at our store in the Shops of Houston Levee in Collierville. We’re always on the hunt for new brands and styles, so check back frequently!