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PJ Harlow’s collection of lounge and sleepwear embodied the aesthetic of quiet luxury well before it was trending on social media. It’s immediately clear with a touch of your finger that their pajamas and loungewear abide by the brand’s motto: Surround yourself in softness. They offer various styles of tops and silky bottoms that look so chic you’ll want to wear them out of the house, and if you did, the only comment you’d get would be “where did you get those?” Their cuts and fits are loose while still being flattering for any figure. They also make divine satin pillowcases to protect your face and hair while you sleep luxuriously. From satin robes and shorts to cozy knit joggers and hoodies, PJ Harlow is the brand for lounging luxuriously, and all of their products are made right here in the U.S.

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