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Established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Gucci began as a small leather goods and luggage company. The brand’s high attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship quickly garnered attention and cemented their place as the destination for luxury travel accessories. Shortly after expanding into luxury handbags, the Italian fashion house released their signature bamboo-handled bags in the 1940s due to wartime material shortages. Less than a decade later, they opened their first store in New York City and released one of their other signature pieces–the horsebit loafer. Throughout their existence, Gucci has released a series of motifs that have become synonymous with the brand. In addition to the horsebit and bamboo handle, the double G Gucci logo is as well-known as Chanel’s interlocking double C’s, their signature green and red striping, and more recently the bumble bee. Gucci is as committed to sustainability in fashion as they are to their craftsmanship in designing it, and they’ve pledged to achieve carbon neutrality as well as to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing process. They launched the Equilibrium Initiative, which promotes environmental and social sustainability.

Southern Muse is not affiliated with the Gucci brand, but we are thrilled to be carrying pre-owned and vintage Gucci handbags and accessories. We carefully select what we buy to ensure that we’re offering our customers the best and highest quality pieces, and we offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity or your money back.