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Four of the Hottest Trends for Spring 2024

Written by Caro Clark


Posted on March 16 2024



This season everything from an exaggerated cowl neck to a bodice made of fabric draped across the chest in a crisscross is in style. There’s something about a dress with draped skirt that just feels like luxury. A modern dress with its clean, sleek lines has its proper place, but a draped dress has a dramatic elegance about it. It flows with grace as you move. Adding a minor element of drapery can elevate the glamour of a dress. If you watched the Oscars, you surely noticed that a lot of celebrities showed up in dresses with dramatic draped statement dresses and more subdued elegantly draped gowns. The red carpet was full of long trains, flowing sleeves, and even elegant scarf necklines that trailed behind. This one shoulder Joseph Ribkoff dress shows how a simple draped cape sleeve gives the cheery flower print a more elegant, classy look. For a subtler take on the trend, a knotted or wrapped waist does the trick. A tie at one side of the waist takes this Tart charcoal minidress from plain to stylish and chic. A knot or sash around the waist also gives the illusion of an hourglass shape even if you don’t have one. Along with dramatic draped dresses, expect to see more wrap dresses, cowl necklines, runching, and waist or hip ties. If you have a rectangular figure, adding a little extra fabric around the hips or waist will give you more of an hourglass shape. And there’s no body shape that a wrap dress won’t flatter.


Blues and Browns

Brown remains the trending neutral, but ice blue is this season’s hottest color. Although typically associated with the autumn and winter months, brown and all its shades of neutrals will continue to be trendy even into the warmer seasons. Brown has been vying for black’s place as every woman’s closet staple for a couple years now, and it’s hard not to join the trend at this point. The tricky thing about brown neutrals can be matching the undertones with the rest of your ensemble’s color pallete. Keep it simple by matching dark brown with whites, creams, or pastels, unless you’re going for bold. Trade out your brown corduroys for a slim cut neutral beige trouser like these Joseph Ribkoff pants and a light colored button-down for an effortlessly chic Cape Cod look or pair it with a darker brown shirt like this Generation Love top for a monochromatic outfit that still pops. For a more formal look, check out this brown Joseph Ribkoff dress with tied waist and wear the draping trend in the season’s hottest neutral!


It's no coincidence that the glacial blue that we saw all over the Spring 2024 fashion runways pairs so nicely with a brown neutral. According to fashion search engine Tagwalk, the color light blue saw a 19% increase on the Spring runways compared to 2023. Soft, sky blues, pastel shades, icy metallics—blue is this spring and summer’s trendiest hue. This midi blue skirt hits the mark with both the color and the shine of the material, and this ocean blue tweed mini dress by Fifteen Twenty not only fits the trend but can easily transition from day to night. 


Capris and Cropped Pants

Capri pants are one of those styles that you either love or hate, and for those who fall into the love category, you’re in luck because they’re everywhere this season. Whether they’re flared and cropped or have a more subtle cut to them, cropped pants aren’t going away anytime soon. We’re seeing cropped work trousers, shortened cargo pants, and funky flare legged cropped jeans. The styles are wide ranging, so even if you don’t usually like a cropped pant, they’re worth trying out this season. For those who want something classic, these wide leg cropped Joseph Ribkoff trousers as well as these with extra detailing on the pockets both make for great summer work pants. If you’re into bold colors and comfort, Liverpool has you covered with these cropped wide leg fuchsia pants, and if you’re in the market for something that makes even more of a statement, check out these cropped wide leg faux leather pants from Fifteen Twenty.


Oversized Handbags

For those of us who don’t pack light, the oversized handbag trend is something to rejoice about. Clutches and little crossbody bags have their place, but most of the time you need to carry more than just your phone and wallet. This season you can carry your whole makeup bag, a book, a wallet, and so much more! The runways were full of oversized totes, bulky shoulder bags, and big hobos. And since we’ve added vintage and pre-owned luxury handbags to our inventory, we have several big purses to help you rock this trend. This shiny Saint Laurent tote will hold everything you need and let everyone know that you’re a woman of luxury and class. If you’re wanting something more neutral, this gorgeous Louis Vuitton canvas messenger bag will go with every color and leave you with plenty of extra space. We have several pre-owned Gucci bags as well that hit this trend including this canvas tote with the classic red and green Gucci striping and this one with the signature double G logo pattern.