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How To Wear Velvet Year Round

Written by Caro Clark


Posted on March 06 2020

Velvet isn’t just a winter and autumn fabric anymore. It’s been like that on the runways for a couple cycles now but has taken its time trickling down into the rest of our warm weather wardrobes. Because of its weight and richness, a lot of people think velvet is too fancy for casual wear, but it’s more like a way to make a casual outfit pop. It’s fun to wear, looks cool in bright and pastel colors, and isn’t all that difficult to wear or style. So, ensconce yourself in some velvet this spring!

Considering velvet is a statement fabric, it should be the star of your outfit. For the
warmer months stick to lighter colors and neutrals unless it’s a  cami or tee. Mixing different textures is highly trendy, and there’s no better way to put a unique twist on a plain pair of denim shorts than with a velvet tee or tank. Tuck that shirt in, add a belt, and you’ve just taken your street style game up a notch! 

dress via Southern Muse

Velvet dresses are also very on trend and look super cute with a pair of flats, sneakers, or ankle boots. Keep your accessories simple and minimalistic because the velvet is what makes the outfit. Heels and velvet don’t go well together for the daytime, but you can make a simple dress fitting for evening wear by wearing heels and accessorizing with drop earrings or a layered necklace.

Another way to hit two trends at once is with a velvet blazer. A plain tank, jeans or shorts with a velvet blazer has a very sophisticated yet effortless vibe.

Don’t be intimidated by velvet! A couple velvet pieces can go a long way in making your outfits look and be effortless.