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News: Sneakers are Walking over Stilettos

Written by Caro Clark


Posted on January 24 2020

The athleisure movement has grown legs; legs that are choosing sneakers over boots and heels. According to a new report on consumer behavior by NPD, multifunctional athletic and casual footwear sales will surpass those in the fashion category for the first time ever. People are opting for shoes that are comfortable and stylish, and designers are taking note. Fashion sneakers have been a mainstay on the runways for several years, and they’re not leaving anytime soon. 

We've always been a huge fan of fashion sneakers. They’re versatile, functional, and can add style to an outfit in an unconventional way. The right pair can be dressed up and made suitable for most occasions, but even if you’re not into the sneaker and dress look, this is good news for you too. Designers listen to consumer trends, so this means that there’ll be more comfortable and practical footwear in the fashion category. We’re already seeing this starting with the comeback of thick heels, mules, platform shoes, and the rise of sock style footwear (all of which are stylish and won’t leave you with ailing feet at the end of the day). 

The fashion footwear category is shrinking, but it’s certainly not leaving. We’ll get more variety in both the fashion and casual footwear sectors, and now designers will be incentivized to make their fashion footwear more comfortable to compete with the casual category. It’s a win-win for everyone!