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Simple Ways to Save Money & Reduce Waste

Written by Caro Clark


Posted on January 31 2020

We all know that we should be more conscious of how much stuff we throw away and use, but sometimes it seems like it’s too much of an inconvenience. It’s also overwhelming to know where to begin if you do want to introduce sustainable habits into your routine. Here are some tips to get you started!

  • If you want to reduce the amount of needless trash you throw away, be aware of what kinds of things you’re tossing out. It might be coffee cups, plastic bags, bottled drinks, disposable makeup removing wipes, cardboard boxes, cans, etc. Then look for reusable alternatives! We love the Makeup Eraser and think it’s gentler on the skin than the disposable Neutrogena wipes many people use. There’s an endless array of types and styles of travel cups and bottles available nearly everywhere, and the same goes for shopping bags! Southern Muse carries several different types of water bottles and travel cups from Slant and True Brands. 

  • Get creative and reuse what you can! Glass jars are great for making overnight oatmeal or muesli. You can also use them to pack healthy lunches to take on the go! We love using them for salads because you can easily measure and make sure you're mainly adding healthy veggies, and not too many carb laden fillers. You can use them instead of buying those cumbersome plastic containers for food storage in the pantry or for leftovers. 
  • Modify particularly wasteful habits. Something as simple as using a tea towel or cloth to dry your hands rather than always reaching for a paper towel makes a difference. We carry tons of Twisted Wares tea towels with all sorts of patterns to choose from. Other little habits you can change might be to be less impulsive when online shopping, curb your amazon habit, or buy foods or drinks in bulk if they’re a big part of your diet.