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Styling Hack: Dress It Up with A Blazer

Written by Caro Clark


Posted on February 20 2020

Nothing takes an outfit from plain to posh like a blazer. It’s all you need to make a simple outfit extra stylish but still appear effortless. Despite falling under the category of workwear, you can make a blazer fit any occasion, and most importantly, a blazer will level-up your normal casual wear. Here are 4 ridiculously simple ways to use a blazer to sharpen your look. 

  • Cream or white blouse, medium to dark jeans, pink blazer, nude heels.  This is one of those classic looks anyone can wear. Those are all staple pieces, and it’s a stable outfit. Its hits a delicate balance that gives off the vibe that you’re here for business but casual and approachable too.
  • T-shirt or a camisole, leggings/tights/yoga pants, and a fitted black blazer. This is a formula that you can endlessly customize, so it makes about a thousand easy outfits. For extra flair, you can add a layered necklace, choose a cami with some lace detail or a textured tee, wear some ankle booties or kitten heels. Mix up colors, textures, add accessories; but it’s undeniable the blazer is key. 

  • Add a fitted blazer to a casual dress for the best transitional outfit between seasons. Pairing a casual summery dress with a blazer and some boots is the easiest fall/spring outfit, and one that never fails to look super trendy. You can also add a blazer to the plainest shift or tank dress, accessories with a scarf, hat, or necklace; and in 5 minutes you’ve got an enviable outfit. 
  • Longer blazers that hit below your hip are apiece that dresses something casual up and more of a statement layer. Throw on a long blazer with a tee or button down and panel skirt for those days when it’s chilly enough for a jacket, but you’re tired of wearing a cardigan.