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Tips for Curating a Better Wardrobe

Written by Kim Thomas


Posted on February 27 2020

Everyone loves to shop, but realistically, people only wear about 25%-30% of their wardrobe. Sure, there are some garments that you keep that are truly seasonal, but a lot of what we buy is filler (meaning it's cute, but will only be worn once or twice before you go back to your faves that you know always work). Effortless style is the name of the game (and it makes for easy dressing), so if you're ready to do a little purging to make getting dressed a lot easier, here are a few things to do so that you can curate a better wardrobe:

Create an inspiration board on Pinterest
If you don't already have one, create a board + start pinning/reviewing outfits that you would love to recreate. If you have at least 50-100 pins on your Style Inspiration Board, you should notice a theme with the colors, textures, and silhouettes that you like. Not everyone can afford to completely clean out their closet when seasons change, so this will give you an idea of what you need. 

Make a list of essentials
What clothing items will you need no matter the time of year? Denim, camisoles, nude heels, black pants, an LBD and a nice blazer that can be dressed up or down are examples of pieces that you will always need. You want them to be classic styles in modern cuts that you know you love so that you don't have 15 of the same thing but you know that you only wear 1-2 of them.

Try everything on in your closet
Yes, Every. Single. Thing. Even what you wore yesterday. Now that you have a list of your essentials, it's time to start purging your closet. This doesn't mean throw everything away, lol, this just means get rid of things that don't fit, or don't really work with your current lifestyle or aesthetic. If a blouse is too tight and you have to fidget with it constantly, why are you holding on to it? If it's not easily fixable with a belt or a layering piece, then it needs to go.  There may be a few pieces that you'll keep for sentimental value, but take an honest assessment of what you own and actually wear..

Shop with intention
Now, comes the really fun part! Instead of purchasing items solely because they're cute or a great deal, you're now more in tune with what your wardrobe actually needs (and what your style is) and can shop accordingly. Of course you'll stumble from time to time, but shopping with intention will allow you to skip over purchases that you'll only wear once or twice and go for pieces that will really enhance your wardrobe.  You may buy fewer things, but they will be better quality,  and you'll feel great every time you get dressed, because isn't that what having great style is all about? 


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