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Who doesn’t want an aesthetically gorgeous candle that lasts forever? Everlasting Candle Company knows that everybody does, and they’ve developed the perfect one! The company was founded by husband and wife duo Tamara and Jesse who were avid party hosts with a love for the vibe of candlelight and a frustration with messy wax and the brief lifespan of their candles. So, they developed a clean, elegant, and sustainable solution. How does it work? Instead of traditional wax, they use a smoke-less, scentless, patent-pending oil that goes into one of their beautiful vases, and they use stainless steel candlesticks that ignite just like a wick but never burn out. While other candle companies focus on developing unique scents, Everlasting Candle Co. focuses entirely on the ambiance of candlelight.

All of their candles are handmade in Vancouver, Canada, and the family-owned business is committed to giving back. They’ve partnered with the Disability Association of Canada to help empower those with disabilities and ensure they receive fair and equal employment opportunities. Their unique and inventive product has been featured by publications including Better Homes, Buzzfeed, Real Simple, Pop Sugar, Western Living Magazine, among others.

Take a look at our selection of Everlasting Candles below, or drop by our boutique in Collierville, TN.