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Founded in 2010 by father and daughter Phil Ke & Lihui Ke, Kerisma is a boutique clothing label that specializes exclusively in knitwear. They release a fall collection of knitwear and a summer collection with the main difference being the weight of the tops and colors. Their comfortable and figure flattering dolman sleeve knit top comes in a rainbow of colors and is the perfect shirt to throw over jeans to make a stylish ensemble. Kerisma knows their area of strength is knitwear, and it’s clear that they focus wholeheartedly on it. From the quality of their construction to the tightness of their weaves, you can feel the craftsmanship in all of Kerisma’s knitwear. The brand is also committed to giving back to their community as well as sustainability in fashion. In 2020, they pledged to give 2% of their annual profits to arts & culture programs that support diversity, cultural & ethnic preservation. Additionally, they aim to use 100% recycled polybags for all their merchandise by Autumn of 2024.

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