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Founded by Linda Bretti in 1985, Linda Richards Inc. is known for their luxury coats, shawls, ponchos, footwear, and accessories. After a long career in the fashion industry, Linda Bretti decided to create her own line of affordable, chic coats based on those she saw in the European market. She’s expanded her offerings significantly since the inception of the company but remains known for her high-quality fur and feather coats and accessories. The label has received recognition from publications including Women's Wear Daily, Mode Magazine, Women's Day, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, among others, and her clothing has been featured in TV shows and films such as Sleepless in Seattle. All of her designs are created to balance elegance with form and function. If you’re looking for something that’ll turn heads and have everyone asking where you got it, Linda Richards fur is guaranteed to do the trick!

Check out our selection of Linda Richards coats and accessories below, or stop by our boutique in Collierville, TN!